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MIDHANI inks TOT Agreement with CSIR-NAL for production of Shape Memory Alloys

Under the Make-in-India initiative, MIDHANI has signed a Transfer of Technology (ToT) Agreement with National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), a Bangalore based premier R&D Laboratory, on March 4, 2017 at Hyderabad for the processing of Nickel –Titanium Shape Memory Alloys (NiTi-SMAs)for Engineering and Bio-medical Applications. Dr. D K Likhi, the Chairman & Managing Director of MIDHANI and Shri Jitendra J Jadhav, Director, CSIR-NAL inked the Agreement.

       The Shape Memory Technology is a result of decade of R&D work carried out at CSIR-NAL. Known by various other names such as smart metal, memory metal, muscle wire, intelligent material, NiTi-SMAs are one of the most prominent functional metallic materials which have the unique capability of restoring their initial physical shape when subjected to heating after undergoing deformation. Bent and twisted into any orientation SMA wire, when heated to a threshold temperature, springs back to its original shape.

         In order to provide a quality healthcare system within the reach of common man, MIDHANI has already ventured into development and manufacturing of world class Titanium Implants using the spin off technologies for defence applications, and now to tap the huge emerging potential of Nickel – Titanium (NiTi) shape memory alloys in Bio-Medical Sector (medical devices), especially the stent market, the Company will manufacture shape memory alloys and market the products for the first time in India. The total market for NiTi SMA Products in India is estimated to be Rs 1500 – Rs 2500 Cr which is 3 – 5% of the global consumption.

       MIDHANI plans to manufactureNiTi Shape Memory Alloys in wires, strips, rods, springs and plates form. Presently NiTi shape memory alloys are not available commercially in the Country, and the total requirements are met by import. The shape memory alloy component fabricators will now have the advantage of sourcing the material within the Country at a more competitive price instead of importing it at high price.

      By signing this Transfer of Shape Memory Alloy processing Technology and the technological support that would be available from CSIR-NAL during the start-of-art vacuum melting and alloy processing, MIDHANI will enter into the realm of commercial production of ‘smart’ material and will join the band of select few shape memory alloy manufacturers in the world. Taking advantage of high price of shape memory alloy in the prevailing international market, MIDHANI also foresees bright scope for exportation of the shape memory alloys.

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