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Super Alloy

Nickel Base - Superni
Cobal Base - Superco
Iron Base - Superfer
Superalloys find extensive application in aeronautics, space, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and furnace industries, where extreme temperatures, mechanical stresses and corrosive environments are encountered.

Grade Uns No.   Conformity To International Specification Known Near Equivalent
Superfer 800/800H N 08800/08810 ASTM B 163, B 407, B 408,B 409 Incoloy 800/800H
Superni 600 N 06600 ASTM B 168, DTD 328 A INCONEL 600
Superni 76 N 06002   HASTELLOY X
Superni 80 A N 07080 ASTM B 637, BAS HR 201 NIMONIC 90
Superni 90 N 07090 BS 2 HR 2 NIMONIC 90
Superni 718 N 0718 ASS,5662,5663,MB637, B670  INCONEL 718
Superni 750 N 07750 ASTM A 461 INCONEL X-750
Superni 825 N 08825 ASTM B 163, B 423, B 424, B 425  INCOLOY 825
Superweld 82 N 06082 AWS ERNiCr-3 INCONEL 82
Superni C276 N 10276   HASTELLOY C276

Superni 76 Good strength & oxidation resistance upto 1200° C Good forming and welding properties. Gas turbine parts.
Superni 80A Heat treatable 80-20 Ni-Cr alloy with outstanding creep resistant properties.
High strength upto 800° C
High oxidation resistance.
High fatigue properties under very arduous conditions.
Gas turbine components such as rotor and stator blades, combustion chamber and other parts.
Exhaust valves in diesel engines.
HT fasteners operating under continuous stressed condtio।
Superni 90 Nickel based Superalloy containing chromium and cobalt with aluminum as hardening agents.
High strength upto 850° C.
Excellent creep resistance upto 800° C
High resistant to oxidation, scaling and corrosion in various atmospheres.
Die inserts and mandrels for forging, bolts, fasteners, hot shear blades.
Superni 718 Precipitation hardenable nickel based alloy. High yield strength upto 650° C Excellent cryogenic properties upto- 217° C Good weldability even in aged condition. Excellent oxidation resistance upto 980° C Ease of formability. Jet engines, pump bodies and parts.
Superni 750 Age hardenable alloy used for its corrosion and oxidation resistance and high creep strength at temperature upto 800° C. Gas turbine parts, aviation and indl. Springs, bolts, bellows.
Superni 825 For use in aggressively corrosive environments.
Resistant to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking.
Resistant to reducing acids and oxidizing chemicals.
Phosphoric and evaporators, chemical process equipment.
Superweld 82 Used for gas shielding arc welding of Superni’s etc., to steel or other dissimilar combination of nickel-base and iron-base alloys.। Welding electrodes.
Superni C276 Resistant to various acids like hydrochloric acids.। Tanks, vessels, handing wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite, ferric & cupric chlorides, etc.
Superni 600 Nickel-Chromium-Iron alloy having high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance upto 1050° C
Good to excellent resistance to various corrosive media both organic and inorganic.
Excellent mechanical properties with combination of high strength and good workability.
Furnace muffles in oxidizing atmosphere.
High temperature springs.
High exchanger tubings
Chemical and food processing equipment.
Nuclear parts viz. feed values, combustion chambers etc.
Superfer MDS Good heat resisting property
Resistant to green rot which occurs when atmosphere varies between oxidizing and reducing.
Resistant to corrosion process.
Furnace parts and heat treatment jigs in carburising and nitriding furnaces.
Superfer 800 Resistant to oxidation and carburisation
Resists stress-corrosion cracking and a variety of industrial atmospheres.
Furnace equipment, steam boilers, heat exchangers and piping in chemical / petro- chemical and nuclear industries, reformer baffle plates / tubes in fertilizer plants.।

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