A Public Sector Enterprise

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On 14 September, 2020 the Hindi Pakshotsav was inaugurated at the Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (Midhani). While chairing the program, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jha, Chairman and Managing Director of the enterprise said that we have to use the Official Language Hindi in our office in such a way that we can establish it from Official Language to national language. He said that if we Indians want to recognize our Hindi internationally, then it is necessary use it frequently and efficiently in our daily official work. He asked the employees to do the write books in the field of science, technology and commerce basically in Hindi instead of translation. For this, the enterprise will also support them. With this objective, the book writing award scheme “Midhani Rajbhasha Gaurav Purasakar” in Hindi has been introduced in MIDHANI. Every year, two technical books will be awarded under the scheme. He advised to employees of MIDHANI to avail the facility positively. He reminded the officials that the decision to celebrate the 15th of every month as Hindi Day by using Hindi in daily official transaction, should be complied without any excuses.