A Public Sector Enterprise

CIN L14292TG1973GOI001660

Investment castings

   At MIDHANI,vacuum melting and casting of alloys mainly Superalloys and special steels carried out in vacuum induction melting furnace meeting the requirements of International standards.

Types of Castings :

  • Equiaxed, Vacuum Melted / Vacuum Cast
  • Equiaxed, Vacuum Melted /Air Cast

Size of the Castings:

  • Length : 350mm max
  • Diameter: 250mm max
  • Weight: 20kg max

Alloys for Castings:

  • Superalloys Superni (718/713C/C-276/80A) ZS6KP, ZS6Y, Stellite-6 etc.
  • Special Steels – Stainless Steels MDN 202, 301, 310, 3041, 3161, 321, 410, 420 etc.
  • Low alloy steels 15CDV6, CLA grades, EN 8, EN 24 etc.

Special Features:

  • Continuous induction shell heating facility up to 1250°C during vacuum melting and pouring. This is needed for producing thin walled castings.
  • High vacuum level up to 1 micron, necessary for producing casting free from gaseous defects and inclusions.
  • Associated facilities and expertise available for various types of heat treatment viz annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering.