A Public Sector Enterprise

CIN L14292TG1973GOI001660

Environment Health & Safety

To Achieve Self-Reliance In The  Research,Development,Manufacture And Supply Of Critical Alloys And Products Of National Security And Strategic Importance.


1) To maintain the existing 2 ponds to harvest & store rain water
2) To keep hazardous waste generation below 80% of the permitted quantity
3) To recycle and use waste water from ETP & STP for gardening.
4) To maintain at least 50% green belt.

1) To work towards nil loss time injuries & ill health
2) To impart safety related training to all the employees including contract workers once a year
3) To get health check-up done for the employees once a year
4) To give training on Fire Fighting once in six months in fire prone areas.

We, at Midhani shall conduct our operations and business ensuring a healthy & safe work place in the plant and sustainable environment in the surroundings. As an integral part of our operations and business planning, we are committed to:


  • Prevention of Pollution & Protection of environment
  • Minimizing waste generation by improving plant efficiency
  • Prevention of work related injuries and ill health
  • Comply with the applicable legal & other requirements and
  • Encourage consultation and participation of workers & their representatives

We are also committed to continually improve our EHS performance by enhancing the competency of the employees through training & development initiatives.

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018